Dama Bier New Flowers Series #1: Íris


Style: New England IPA   Piracicaba, SP, Brazil   ABV: 6.5   IBU: 60

Tasted on 15/9/18   Best by 2/9   Price: 25R$

This is a collaboration between Dama Bier and Dogma and appears to be part of a series of new beers they are launching or testing out. Here we have the beer style of the moment, the NE IPA, of which I’m ever so particular about.

It has a massive bright white fine and creamy textured head which is pretty stable and long lasting and it has a very pale and ever so slightly hazy amber colour. It’s very fruity and fragrant and not at all aggressive, rather it has a juicy and sweet fruitiness with tons of citric fruit; grapefruit, lime and tangerine come to mind as well as the omnipresent passion fruit in these kind of beers. It’s also lightly grainy and grassy and looking at the ingredients I see that it contains malted wheat as  well as oat which may be there to soften and sweeten things.

It is soft, satiny and smooth in the mouth and the carbonation is middling. It’s a very fresh and balanced beer with a decent hop bite which is probably about right, enough for a nice kick but not an ice-pick to the forehead. At the forefront is the juicy fruit as suggested by the aroma but it has a softness to it which must be the oats and a light grassy and breadiness which should be the wheat. There is quite a lot of sweetness to it too but the aftertaste is a dry and resinous.

It’s another fine example of its style and it’s just what I fancied and it has met my expectations. It’s tasty, easy to drink and enjoyable so thumbs up.

Score : 3.9





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