Hocus Pocus Ego Death

Style: Double NE IPA Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ABV: 8 473ml Can

Tasted on 13/2/21 Best by 9/6/21 Price: 40R$

Here’s yet another NE IPA, this time it’s a double at 8% and it’s by the reputable carioca brewery Hocus Pocus whi continue to see their beers getting a better distribution. They are also brewing new brews and tweaking old ones, this one being a version of Overdrive but with Citra and Mosaic hops. Overdrive, I think is the best rated IPA in Brazil but I’ve yet to come across it so this will have to do for now.

It has a spuming clean bright white head that doesn’t want to recede and although it’s a little hazy it’s still almost transparent and a very pale yellowish amber colour. We get those ever so familiar hop fumes and they wash over me with musty tantalisingly fruity jabs. The usual suspects are evident; passion fruit, grapefruit, piney resin, mango and mandarin and even though I’ve had hundreds of these buggers tonight, this one smells deliciously fresh and juicy. It’s not even that intense it’s just clean and balanced and smells delectable.

It feels smooth and thick in the mouth with a full and almost chewy body and it has a tight and prickly carbonation. Sometimes IPA’s can just hit you right and this is one of them, the balance of flavours is spot on for me with tons of fruit, bitter resin, light sweet malt base and a fantastic hoppy and dry finish. The booze is muscular and warming and this beer just grabs your attention and smacks you in the chops. The oatmeal starts to make its presence felt as it warms up adding a light creamy sweetness.

It’s really fantastic beer and it’s just my cup of tea and even though there are so many examples of the style this proves why. It would be interesting to compare this with Overdrive and see how much difference the Mosaic make, I’ll certainly be looking out for it.

Score: 4.5


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